30 June 2009

The Bucket Frog

Another great frog sticker card, this one for Kristen. I think it is safe to post, since she doesn't usually read my blog anyway. She is away at camp and her last email said "send me mail!!!"....and I always do what I am told........................ I remember being a leader at Christian Horizons Camp when I was younger and it was always great to receive mail. .....and I really don't need a reason to make more cards, but this is a good one.

Hoppy Froggy Birthday

Brittany and I have been having great fun the last few days making lots of cards...I decided I should put to use the frog stickers from Penny Black that I purchased a couple of months ago. This happy frog is going to wish my nephew Caleb a very happy birthday. He turns 4 today! ... and he is the cutest little boy on the face of the planet...yes, yes he is!! My Dad, Mom and I are going to Goderich today for his birthday party - the adult one. Cause you know, he first needs to have a party with his little friends!! I can't wait to see him and give him a big wet zorbert!!! Thanks for dropping by, stay tuned for some more posts from our card making extravaganza!!

25 June 2009

Sunshine and Laughter

My sunshine and laughter has gone to bring sunshine and laughter to others. I'm not very good at sharing.

18 June 2009

Many Thanks

The employer of my good friend Frieda, asked if we would be interested in making some Thank You cards for her kids school teachers and music teachers. Since we love to get together and make cards anyways, we thought 'why not'. Her boss provided these stamp sets she wanted us to use. It was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to some ideas off splitcoast we were able to make these cards....a few of each design for a total of 18 cards. She was thrilled with them! Thanks for looking.

08 June 2009

Biker Birthday

A card for my brother. He likes to bike....rode in the Sea to Sea four years ago. I hope he likes the card. I don't think he would get far on this ol' thing though.

05 June 2009

Beautiful Sunrise

Ahhhhh...........the ocean...............can you hear it ?
Early one morning, at the beginning of our holiday week, my hubby went out to catch the sunrise. His inner clock, having not yet adjusted to vacation mode, woke him earlier than usual. I think I remember hearing "......I'm going ....... sunrise ....... camera ...." My bed was just too comfy. Look what I missed! From the rising of the sun, to the setting of the same ....... How great is our God!

04 June 2009

Sun and Sand

Hello....yes it's really me! No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. My daughter pointed out that the novelty of blogging has already worn off. Not really...just busy with work and other distractions. One of these distractions was a lovely week away with my hubby for a much needed vacation. We went to our favorite resort at Mrytle Beach. Before we left, the weather forecast did not sound too promising...mostly rain, cloud and thunderstorms. But...we were blessed with 5 days of glorious sunshine with only 10 minutes of rain on Friday afternoon, and temperatures of 25-28 degrees C!! I think it rained mostly inland, and not along the beach. Listening to the ocean...the waves rolling in...is the most calming sound. I love being near the ocean...odd for someone who can't swim and doesn't care much for boats...but I did say 'near' the ocean, and not 'in' it. I miss our oceanfront balcony....now we sit on our deck and look at the green lawn...but, hey, that's okay too!