28 June 2010

Laughter and Sunshine

My laughter and sunshine has once again gone to bring laughter and sunshine into the lives of others. (sigh)

17 June 2010


This pretty daisy card I also made earlier this week while crafting with my girlfriends. The other lovely lady that makes cards brought a sample of this one along for us to make. It was so fun to see all the different colours everyone chose for their daisies...lots of creativity in action! I chose to do coral, but had to finish it at home since neither one of us brought ribbon that matched. So I added some lace and pearls too, and of course some stickles on the yellow.
On another note, Brittany surprised me by coming home for the weekend a day earlier than I expected! My dear husband and Kristen knew this, but wanted to surprise me. Do you think I can call in sick tomorrow and make cards with her all day??

16 June 2010

Time well spent!!

On Monday and Tuesday I enjoyed some wonderful time away with friends at a cottage near Bayfield. We did what girls love to do best....chat, shop, eat, drink wine, laugh, and of course, make crafts! Two of us are card makers so we brought along our card making stuff. I made these two cards to share with the ladies. One of the other ladies makes jewellery so she shared with us her beads and taught us how to make bracelets and earrings. It was very fun to learn something new. But I think I'll stick to cards...those beads are pretty small!
The food was amazing...vegetarian lasagna, a delicious salad, bean salad, key lime pie, homemade bread....need I go on!! I just love these ladies and our time spent together!!

08 June 2010

Shocking !!!

I made a card!!! Shocking, I know! And not just one....but 4!!
Ok, but I must give true credit where credit is due. Yesterday morning I joined the Monday morning ladies for stamping and fellowship. I had not been in so long, and because my mojo seemed to have dried up, wasn't sure what I was going to work on. But my friend Anja said she had a simple idea for a card, to bring along artichoke paper and cream paper. So I did, and voila! A pretty but simple card. Love the punch. So I made 4 and put different sentiments on them when I got home.
Thanks, Anja. I get by with a little...and sometimes a lot of.....help from my friends!
Thanks Helina for opening your home....your craft room is awesome!
Enjoy your day, my friends.
Bye for now.