29 July 2010

Thinking of you

Well the first thing I did this morning was stick my head out the front door to see if the weather people were right....they were. The humidity is gone, for now, so I took a big breath of delicious fresh air and came back in to open the windows! Unfortunately I have to spend the day inside at work.
I think this stamp is so pretty. I used it at a friends house, but wish I had stamped a few more....or maybe I should just put it on my wish list. The layout idea came from Mojo Monday.
Thanks for having a visit to my blog today.
Have a great day!

28 July 2010

Adorable Hedgies

Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday I finished up a couple more cards with my already watercoloured images. I just love these Penny Black hedgie stamps! Pretty easy card..... I cased the bow and button idea from a blog I follow. I'm noticing a lot of cards with buttons on them again. Brings me back to my childhood when all we had were the scraps our mothers would let us use....old fabric, ricrac, felt, buttons, and white glue.....oh, and lets not forget cheerios! And we would create a masterpiece that was much to heavy to hang on the fridge....! We've come a long way, baby! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day! Let's go and see if there are any cheerios in the cupboard.....

27 July 2010

Who-o-o loves you!

This cute little card is for my girlie who is away at camp for the summer. There is a bit of a story behind it. We were watching Ellen one day....she took two boys to the finished, but not yet open, Harry Potter theme park in Florida. You can look up this segment of the show on youtube...it is quite funny. They stopped at the Owl shop, which if you know anything about Harry Potter, you need an Owl in order to send and receive mail. Ellen started with the owl sounds.....'whooo....whooo.....whooo doesn't like owls.....whoooo'! The young boys really didn't get it or they were just ignoring her, but it sent Kristen and I into fits of laughter, and we spent the rest of the day imitating Ellen.....'whooo doesn't like nasi for supper....whooo....whooo is crazy'! (well we know the answer to that one!) Ah, Kristen I miss you and your quirky sense of humor. It was fun to make this card, and I'm sure she will think it an absolute...hoot!

26 July 2010

Petal Prints

Good morning...looks like another beautiful day!
I've been enjoying playing with this old SU set Petal Prints. I'm finding I really like the look of raising some of the images on the card....takes a little more time to cut everything out, but looks so pretty. I inked it up with rose red, apricot, and celery. Sponged the background with the the red and apricot, and a touch of blue. Just wondering if this is a bit too happy looking to be a Sympathy card, but i needed one so that's what it is. I left the other two blank (always make at least 2 or 3 extra while everything is inked anyway) .... could serve as a birthday or anniversary card as well.
Well, what will I stamp today? Yesterday evening I watched the movie 'Flicka' (CBC Sunday movie) and then watched 'Australia',....feeling like I should stamp some horses.
Happy stamping to you too!

21 July 2010


These cute little mice are sharing a hug, and maybe a kiss under a yellow daisy.
This Penny Black stamp is watercoloured with markers, raised the flower and feet.
This morning I picked up a couple of Crafts n'things magazines at the library with some very neat card ideas....may have to give some of those a try.
Thanks for looking...bye for now.

20 July 2010

Crazy for Cupcakes

Hello all!!
I'm working on getting some of my many stamped images coloured and made into cards. This is from SU set Crazy for Cupcakes, coloured with markers and some stickles on the icing. Mmmm....yummy looking cupcakes!
Thanks for stopping by.

06 July 2010

Celebrate You

This birthday card is for a lovely lady who is celebrating her birthday this month. I think I sent it a bit too early as her birthday isn't until the end of the month....oh well, better too early than late, which is what I usually am.
These pretty flowers were sitting in my pile of coloured images waiting to be finished. I have so many of those word charms that I bought at $rama and hardly ever use.....what else is new...... I added some dp, ribbon, and of course yellow stickles on the flowers.
Last week I moved my table and stamping ensemble from the basement to an empty upstairs bedroom that has two wonderful bright windows. That called for some re-organization, and the overwhelming, almost embarassing fact that I have alot of 'stuff'. My hubby has named the room my 'studio', and thinks all the 'stuff' is actually pretty neat. Never mind that he doesn't know I haven't used alot of it yet. I am reminded of the words from the lovely lady who this card is for...her hubby said, 'it's ok to buy it, as long as you use it'.....aw, words of wisdom. He obviously has never been to a stamping store where everything calls out to us....'take me home'!
So, today is another one of those 42 degree humidex days, that warns us to stay indoors. OK.
I have some cleaning to do, and then gotta watch the World Cup match - Hup Holland Hup!!!!
Thanks for visiting today. Stay cool!