24 July 2011

Just Us Girls

A few more photos to share from our fun-filled, jam-packed mini-vacation in the Muskokas. On our morning visit to the lake, it struck me funny that all the seagulls were sitting on the floating dock....not flying around squawking like they usually do. I think they were having their morning 'Shit Happens Seagull Society' meeting! Anyone up for cliff jumping? No thanks....that is definitely NOT on my Bucket list! Kristen, 'Miss No Fear', took a flying leap into the air without a second thought! Brittany took a few minutes to work up the nerve to jump, and then off she went! I have her jump on video so I didn't post it. I was so proud of her knowing how scared she was.
We visited all the lovely shops in Huntsville, so fun! I got a parking ticket for not putting enough money in the meter. Actually I did not put any money in the meter because I did not see it. Maybe if they put it on the curb where we parked instead of on the sidewalk infront of the store.....
The latest and last Harry Potter movie was playing so we just had to go see that...followed by an evening walk along the boardwalk.
Love spending time with my two wonderful daughters.
Love spending time with my wonderful friends.
After leaving Brittany and MBC we drove to visit Don and Judy at their cottage in Severin Falls. So, so very beautiful and peaceful there. An evening boat ride was a real treat...except for the madman driving....just about blew poor Carly right off! So many more memories of that time away I hold deep in my heart...songs and jokes shared along the way, the beauty of God's world all around me, the joy of family and friends, God's word in Rap,...oh, and so much more.

23 July 2011

....and the things you will see!

Driving through Shelburne we spotted this Batmobile parked downtown! Kristen just about jumped right out of the moving van, so we HAD to turn around and go back and see it! Can you tell she is excited!?! The guy getting inside built it from an old burnt out car, I don't remember how long he said it took him. The licence plate said 'batman89' so we figured it must be from one of the first movies. Pretty sweet ride, hey!?!!!

22 July 2011

Oh the places you'll go.....

....and the people you will see!!
Do you recognize the Canadian born actor in the middle? That's Bruce Greenwood. I could not think of his name when I saw him, and could only remember him from "Double Jeopardy", but I know he has been in alot of other movies as well.
I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon of our holidays in the little (and I mean little) town of Rosseau, while Kristen was visiting some friends at Muskoka Woods. There is a marina there with a small park, so I found myself a nice spot under a shady tree to read. There seemed to be something going on but no one was sure just what. Until a couple of hours later, the buzz was that there was a movie being shot there. Where was Brad Pitt, I wondered?! Not that I expected to see any really famous actors.....although I have heard there are alot of famous actors with cottages on Lake Rosseau....like Russell Crowe!..oohhh, wouldn't that be a treat!! I watched them film a short scene and then had to leave to pickup Kristen.
So now I can check that off my Bucket List...you know...watch a movie being shot. Not that it was on there to start off with, but I can add it and then check it off.

14 July 2011

have a little faith

My favorite summer read so far!!! If you haven't read it, you really should!
Picked it up the other day at the town library. Had a no-guilt-read-all-day kind of day! Couldn't put it down. But don't go looking for it anytime soon. I have it out for three weeks, and plan to read it again....

13 July 2011


No card to share today.
I found this magnet in a cute shop in St. Jacobs. It spoke to me .... my heart skipped a beat and I held my breath as I read it again.
You know the feeling.