09 January 2012

What was in the bucket??!!

For those of you who follow my daughter Brittany's blog, you would have probably read her recent post on the hours we spent...well, I spent.....cutting blocks to finish the quilt she is working on. (You can check out her blog - 'BK' - under places I visit).
While rummaging through rubbermaid buckets looking for my quilting tools and fabric to cut up, I came across some unfinished projects I had totally forgotten about. I blame it on the fact that I developed a sudden interest in scrapbooking....and then card making....and all my quilting projects were put in the 'i'll finish it later' pile.
The log cabin baby quilt top is machine sewn, and I have the backing, batting, and binding to finish it.... This unfinished project I took a class for in Oct. '99....yup, that's more than 10 years ago...!! Shame on me!! It's called 'Grandma's Country Album', and is completely hand stitched and appliqued. As you can see I only have one more row to attach....it's all those darn small squares that need sewing together. At least they are cut and marked so I know exactly where they need to go! You will be proud of me when I tell you I actually worked on it last night....hand sewing those little squares together. I may just get this top finished yet, it is the task of quilting the thing that is scaring me! If it isn't enough that I have these projects to finish, I started looking through my stash of Quilting books and magazines.... ....after all, I do have two weddings this year....a quilt would be a nice gift don'tcha think?!!

03 January 2012

You've heard of Mr.Potato Head....

...well this is Mr. Potato Heart!!!
Yesterday I was making scalloped potates for supper and pulled this one out of the bag!! Made me laugh out loud...and so the potato jokes commenced! The scalloped potatoes were delicious...made with lots of heart! Happy New Year to everyone! My resolution is to make more cards, be more productive with my time...but it doesn't start until next week because I am enjoying my time at home this week with my girls before they go back to university this weekend. We were hoping to get to London today to do some shopping and see 'Sherlock Holmes', but so far the weather is not cooperating.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your day!